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My native city is Minsk

My native city is Minsk. Here I was born and here I lived all my life. Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus, its political, economic, cultural and scientific center. It is an ancient city and dates back to the 11th century; it was first mentioned in 1067 under the name of Menes one of the fortresses of the Polotsk Principality. Minsk is situated on the river Svisloch and occupies an area of 200 square kilometers. Its population is about 2 million people.

During the Great Patriotic War Minsk was destroyed almost completely by German invaders. It was in ruins until people of Belarus rebuilt the city. Victory Square, The Eternal Flame commemorates soldiers, underground fighters, partisans, who fell in the battles for freedom of our motherland. The names of mane streets commemorate many heroes.

Minsk today is leading economic center and one of the industrial cities of Belarus. It is a large machine-building center. The industrial enterprises of Minsk include: The Minsk Tractor Work, Minsk Computer Work, Bell-Bearing Plant, Refrigerator Plant, Watch Factory and other industrial enterprises which produce tractors and automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles, TV-sets and radio sets, watches and refrigerators, electronic computers and food, textile and footwear. It's also a big traffic center with large network of railroads, roads, airlines and two metro lines.

Minsk metro is the newest and very beautiful. Each station has some associations with historic events of the country or reflects the peaceful efforts of some people. Minsk is also known as city of science and students. There are 15 higher establishments and the Academy of Science there, the biggest of which are the Byelorussia State University and the Polytechnical Academy.

The city is noted for its varied interesting cultural life. In Minsk there are 6 theaters, 2 concert halls, a circus, dozen of cinemas, and many places of cultural and historical interests, libraries, clubs. The most famous theaters are The Opera and Ballet Theater, The Yanka Kupala State Academic Theater, and The Gorky Russian Drama Theater. Among the most interesting museums one can mention the Museum of Great Patriotic War, The Art Museum and The Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas Museum. The Art Museum is a real treasure house of fine arts. Minsk is also the city of sports.

There are good recreation and sport facilities: tennis courts, playgrounds, and swimming pools in various parts of the city. The main sport structures are: The Dynamo Stadium, The Palace of Sports, and Water Sports Center. Minsk is a Hero-City. It was honored with this title in 1974 for outstanding courage and heroism during The Great Patriotic War. The citizens of Minsk are proud of their city.

It is beautiful at any time of the year. A lot of tourists from our country and abroad come to see its sights. They are impressed by multi-storeyed buildings in the newly built area in the Suburbs. Francisc Skarina Avenue extends for more than ten kilometers. There is magnificent view from the river Svisloch.

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